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For Managers and Corporations

If you wish to purchase a download, have an article shipped to you, or obtain permission to make photocopies, enter the article title or product number in the search box on If you are not given the download option, we do not have electronic rights for this title and we can only ship you a hard copy and grant permission to make additional copies. For all other permission inquiries:

Permission to Copy

Upon being granted permission to copy a publication you will not be given a copy of that publication. A master copy must be purchased separately.

Request Permission via Fax/Mail

Download the articles and case studies request form (PDF). Use this form to request permission by fax or mail to photocopy articles and case studies. Please see page two of the form for pricing.

Download the book chapter request form (PDF). Use this form to request permission by fax or mail to photocopy book chapters for training use. The royalty charge is generally between $4.50 to $6.15 per chapter per copy. Maximum limit is four chapters from any one book.

Permission to Republish or Translate

Download the article/chapter republication in a book form (PDF). Use this form to request permission to translate or republish an article/chapter or excerpt of an article/chapter. Please note the Harvard Business School material must be 20% or less of your entire book.

For permission to republish a full article in a magazine, periodical, journal, or newsletter, please contact the New York Times Syndicate as indicated below.

United States and Canada

Debra Weydert, Sales Executive at The New York Times Syndication Sales Corp.
500 7th Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10018 | Phone: (732) 390-4480 | Fax: (732) 390-4697

All Other Countries

Visit this page for country-specific contact information.

Download the article/chapter excerpt republication or translation in a magazine, periodical, journal, or newsletter form (PDF). If you are planning on republishing an excerpt or exhibit from an article, please use this form and fax it to us at (617) 783-7556.

To translate an entire Harvard Business Press book, please contact the Harvard Business Publishing Foreign Rights Department at fax number (617) 783-7489 or via email.

Download the case republication form (PDF). Use this form to request permission to republish an HBS case or teaching note. We do not grant permission for any adaptation, edit, excerpt, or summary of any case; a case must be republished in full. No more than three HBS cases can be included in a textbook and the total HBS material cannot exceed 20% of the book.

Download the case translation for use as training handouts form (PDF). HBS cases are available in English (with a limited number available in Spanish). To request permission to translate HBS cases for distribution as classroom/training handouts, please use this form. If there are no translation restrictions on the requested case(s), the HBS royalty charge to distribute translated copies of the case will be the same charge as for distributing copies in English (generally $6.15 per copy for corporate, executive education, or non-degree course use).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email